Online Tank Floor inspection using Acoustic Emission Test

The main reason of leakage accidents is tank bottom corrosion. In recent years, a method based on Acoustic Emission (AE) has been widely used for detecting tank bottom corrosion and leakage.
In-service diagnosis technique for corrosion damage evaluation of oil storage tanks is increasingly needed to reduce the maintenance costs. AE method has been considered as a cost-effective one to meet the requirements of inservice inspection of structures.

Compared with the traditional method for inspection of tank bottom corrosion, AE technology does not require a production interruption to empty and clean the tank.
It also has high efficiency and low cost.This method is considered to be an on-line inspection method for metal tank bottom.
 No Need to Empty or Clean the Tank
 100%Floor Inspection
 Verified Reliability
 Inspection and Evaluation of Annular Ring
 Immediate Results
 Rapid testing, in one day
 Identify tanks that need inspection and repair
 Leave good tanks on-line and save the shut-down and cleaning costs



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