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Once thought to be a dying medium, the usage of vinyl records has seen a comeback recently

6 months 2 weeks ago #319 by Mariapn
С Новым Годом! Всем Счастья! Успехов в работе! Удачи! Хорошего настроения! Ура!!

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6 months 3 days ago #328 by AntholCheEx
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п»їA short guide to make love with two men (at the same time)
It's a fantasy: do we have to act? In general, we recommend not trying at all costs to realize one's fantasies. We must realize that reality can not match fantasy. And for good reason: the fantasy is essentially unfulfilled. It's an imaginary scenario that feeds our excitement. Not to be confused with the passage to the act of an erotic desire. But if everything goes as planned, this kind of adventure can feed our sexual fantasy for a long time!
Be sure of your desire
Be sure that this desire is yours and not just your partner's! It is not a question of trying to please him, you will certainly be close to failure. We do not start either to spice up his sex life or to be "in" compared to girlfriends. The triolism is not inevitable. Because if there is an area where there are neither norms nor constraints it is the sex! To make love with 2 men, yes, but with whom? p Two cases stand out:
With his companion and a "guest", boyfriend or vague acquaintance. If it is your companion who proposes someone, it is up to you to see if you prefer that this person be a friend close to him or not. If your two partners do not know each other well, they may be less likely to do so ... Invite the person in question to discuss with you and your companion, it will be reassuring for everyone. With two men who are or are not part of a circle of friends, without any love affair with one of them. The trio can be formed from any room as part of an evening. If you think you are more comfortable with a close friend, think about the consequences this could have on your future relationships, because they will never be the same again.
Do not hesitate to talk about it before and ask for advice from someone (preferably a woman) who has already had this experience. Attention, whether you know the person or not, sex with three is always at risk, so protect yourself! To satiate your fantasies: here is the Kamasutra inspired by 50 Shades of Gray
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Is my couple strong enough? The strength of your relationship is a major factor when you choose to make love to three. It is essential to maintain a good complicity between your companion and you. Remember that the goal is to please both of you, not just one or the other!
The idea of ​​sharing one's companion with another is hardly conceivable for most men. Also consider the homosexual dimension that may be caused by the presence of another man in the mind of your companion. Finally, to be measured against a potential opponent, especially the size of his penis, can be a source of discomfort vis-à-vis the woman. Why it can be exciting? You push the limits of your erotic horizons, and that's good! To make love to three is to leave one's body, to multiply and to break sexual and affective identities: man and woman, man and man, loved and unknown.
There are several fantasies at the same time: homosexual or bisexual fantasy (here, for your man), voyeurism, infidelity, exhibitionism. The trio also allows a form of depersonalization, unlike the couple, which can be exciting. Without forgetting, quite simply, the fantasy of transgressing the norms of love.
To revive the flame of desire within your couple: your man will desire you even more by seeing you eroticized by another. Practical question, the massage with four hands remains a not insignificant option, just as blindfold one of your partners. For the rest, let the pleasure guide you! Sex at home? 25 position to avoid the bed
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It's the cata: why? The trio is by nature an imbalance. To manage it better, we must make ourselves available for one as for the other. If you are in a relationship, the trickiest thing is to make sure your partner feels at ease and not out of the way. Renew the marks of complicity with him. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the couple to underestimate their jealous or possessive reactions. Your man may feel betrayed, cheated or less desired than the guest. But the discomfort can come from you: doubts about his fidelity or his sexual identity seeing that his partner can be excited by the presence of a man. In any case, making love to three can reveal or engender pernicious flaws in a couple if the trust is not total. And after? L ' goal is to discover new sensations. There is no question of feeling feelings for your guest or consider a threesome! Nothing, however, prevents you from renewing the experience if you wish. Take your foot!
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4 months 4 weeks ago #375 by AntholCheEx
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п»їThis is what happens to your body when you stop having sex
Voluntarily or involuntarily, when we stop having sex our body sends us certain signals. Would you know how to detect them?

There is no doubt that sex is a fundamental part of any relationship and an important piece in our life in general, not only because of the enjoyment and the different benefits it can provide, but also (and mainly) because it is a instinct present in us. But what happens during periods of "drought"? Does sexual abstinence have negative effects on our body? Apparently, yes. And we do not say it, but science.
What happens to our body when we stop having sex? Of course, each person is different and not everyone is affected equally by the lack of sexual activity. In fact, a person who decides not to have sex can be perfectly healthy. But in general terms, the following consequences have been observed in sexual abstinence:
A less strong immune system
Sexual relations affect immunity: when we have sex with our partner or with different people, our body comes in contact with antigens from other people, which favors immunity. Therefore: the less sex, the less stimulation for our immune system.
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Increase anxiety Whether we want it or not, the lack of sex has become a social prejudice. This is precisely what can generate stress or anxiety in a person who takes time without having sex and who wants to have them. "Prejudice is greater because it is aware of that absence and the psychological impact ends up translating into physiological and organic processes," explained sexologist Francisca Molero, co-director of the Institute of Sexology of Barcelona, ​​in an interview for El Pais.
And is that when we have relationships, our body releases sex hormones such as dopamine or serotonin, two neurotransmitters that give us a sense of well-being or happiness. "If we are wrong, the levels of both substances decrease, so we would have to resort to a natural mechanism such as sex to try to unblock that situation," says Molero. "But we do not do it spontaneously because of the social, moral and cultural conditioning that tells us that this is not right".
Discover the best valued sex toysLess intelligenceA study published in 2013 by Hippocampus concluded that sex could help prevent memory deterioration. Apparently, sexual relations enhance the reproduction of neurons, improve cognitive function and promote the growth of the hippocampus, a part of our brain. If we do not practice sex, these benefits are lost.
Increases the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunctionAs revealed by the American Journal of Medicine in one of its articles: regular sexual activity allows to conserve sexual potency. Therefore, the less sex is practiced, the more likely men have to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
So, you know: there is always a good reason to practice sex every day. Find yours!
Practice the Kamasutra in summer!

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