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Once thought to be a dying medium, the usage of vinyl records has seen a comeback recently

4 months 3 weeks ago #394 by AntholCheEx
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п»їSex is safe during pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy is safe, except for a few rare exceptions, but generally has a minimum risk or complications to the mother-to-be, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) published.
Dr. Claire Jones and colleagues in the department of obstetrics at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto, Canada, released a manual published by CMAJ, which states that it is safe and normal to have sex during pregnancy .
The guide advises women with low risk pregnancy that there are no reasons not to have sex if they wish. However, if women are at high risk, the woman should avoid having sex or consult her doctor before doing so. As if you have an infection in the genital tract or placenta previa condition.
There are many misunderstandings and myths when we talk about having sex during pregnancy, which is why we decided to publish the manual to end with false assumptions. For example, it is believed that if you have sex, in particular an orgasm, near the end of pregnancy, the woman may enter labor. There is no evidence to prove it.
It is normal for the woman to face changes in the sexual desire that she feels throughout pregnancy, and it is possible that they change and decrease as the delivery date approaches, that is why it is recommended to have sex when she so wishes.

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4 months 2 weeks ago #463 by AntholCheEx
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п»їWhat is it to be pansexual?
Our society is living a sexual revolution that, despite being criticized by many, is meaning a breath of fresh air for many people who can see how their sexuality is not as judged as before. Do not be deceived: homophobia and biphobia continue to be our daily bread but, luckily, less and less. While it is true that there are still young people who show that they are not respectful of the sexuality of others, we are also seeing a much more educated and respectful generation emerge in these issues.
Traditionally, the only love relationship conceived as possible was that between a man and a woman. Love could only be between people of different biological sex; the rest was considered, even, a disease. We have a long way to go, but at least it is not so strange to talk about different types of sexuality; heterosexuality is no longer the only love or sexual way of relating. It has even been admitted that love does not have to mean the same thing for all people, and that love relationships do not always have to be the same. For example, the concept of free love is something relatively new, in which it is proclaimed that monogamy, as we know it today, tends to be quite toxic.
Before what was conceived as a relationship between people of different biological sex
Along with this sexual revolution that we are living, a great multitude of labels have also come to identify the different sexual orientations. Some people criticize that there are so many labels, since it considers them unnecessary; However, if it is true that it is a way to make these sexualities known, to show them as a reality, something as common as heterosexuality or homosexuality. These last two are the two best-known sexual tendencies, and they speak of the love and sexual relationship of a man with a woman, a man with a man, or a woman with a woman.
But there are many more sexual identities, as important as those: this is bisexuality, which is the attraction to people of both sexes; asexuality, which is the lack of sexual attraction; the demisexualidad, that speaks of the attraction towards people with whom a strong emotional union is had; and pansexuality, which is the one we are going to talk about more closely today.
What is pansexuality? You may never have heard this term, or you may not know exactly what it refers to. In that case, we could say that pansexuality is a sexual orientation that is characterized by romantic or sexual attraction without taking into account the gender of the people.
Pansexuality is a sexual orientation in which the gender of people is not taken into account]
Reading this definition, you may wonder what is the exact difference between bisexuality and pansexuality. To begin with, we should talk here about the non-binary, genderqueer genres. According to this theory, the two genders that we know (that is, the feminine and the masculine) are not more than two of the possible genders, within a spectrum of much greater genders. That is to say: a person does not have to be of gender or masculine genre, but can also be bigenero, trigenero, of fluid gender ... It consists of placing the male gender in a point of a line, the female gender in the other tip, and open a wide range of possibilities in between.
Bearing this in mind, we could say that a person who defines himself as pansexual would be attracted to another person regardless of his gender; he does not feel attracted to a man, or a woman, but to a person, looking beyond his gender.
Someone who considers himself pansexual, then, claims to see beyond the two socially established sexes. While heterosexuals claim to be attracted to the opposite sex, homosexuals for the same sex, and bisexuals for both sexes, the pansexual person goes one step further. They do not believe in the distinction of sexes or genres as if they were only two, but believe that there is a much wider range to choose from.
They do not believe in the distinction of sexes
In short, being pansexual would be attracted to a person for the mere fact of being a person, regardless of what their sex or gender might be, and understanding that there are not only two sexes or two genders. It is a more "romantic" idea of ​​love, or that is what is defended from the pansexuality itself. However, there are many debates regarding the real differences between pansexuality and bisexuality.
Pansexuality and bisexuality When we began to talk about bisexuality as a sexual identity with its own entity, we did not enter to debate about the different genders, and that is perhaps the fundamental difference that is marked between pansexuality and bisexuality While the first distinguishes between binary and non-binary genres, some point out that the second only refers to binary genres. That is, bisexuals (according to this theory) would feel attracted either by men or by women, not by people of fluid gender, or bigenero.
Pansexuals fall in love with the personality of people
A very strong debate has arisen around this. The term bisexual, unfortunately, continues to have a negative connotation; If you tell someone that you are bisexual, they will probably tell you that it is only "one phase", and that you will end up deciding to be homosexual or because they are heterosexual. There will even be someone who calls you "vicious". When the term pansexual to speak of something that originally originally encompassed bisexuality (despite not speaking of non-binary genres, since at birth had not spoken of this), many bisexuals have pointed out that this is a term biphobic . Because, according to them, it basically means the same but with another term without those connotations so pejorative.
The differences between pansexuality and bisexuality are infamous, and barely perceptible in real life. That is why there are bisexuals who defend that pansexuality is an unnecessary term, since they feel attraction for a person, regardless of gender or gender, and this also includes non-binary genres.
The debate is served. ?What do you think? Are there differences between pansexuality and bisexuality?

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4 months 3 days ago #496 by AntholCheEx
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What is a meat penis and a blood penis?
The size of the penis is an issue that worries many men and also many women. There are many people who believe that having a good member will give more pleasure and nothing better to find out what to see as is the size of a man's penis. There is a false belief in sex that is about whether in the resting state the male is large, erect will be even more.
What many people, both men and women, are not aware of is that there is a duality within the male sexual members. It is true that every man is a world and that the same thing happens with his penis but, by removing details, it could be said that there are two types of penises that are clearly differentiated and that divide the male sexual member into two groups: blood penis and meat penis . We explain to you that it is each one of them and what are the characteristics that differentiate them.
Appearances deceive Typical mythical scene in which several naked men in a dressing room are glanced at each other to see how is the size of their respective members and also to compare. The differences in resting state can be abysmal and this, sometimes, generates complexes and insecurities.
Not all penises are the same
The penis is an organ that works with a mechanism and that responds to sexual stimuli. Being a cavernous organ, before such stimuli, the blood fills the "caverns" it contains and keeps them there for as long as said stimulus lasts: hence the increase in its rigidity and size. Not all penises are equal and there are members that have wider caverns and, therefore, bigger "blood deposits" and then there are others that have fewer caves or they are narrower. And this would be the reason why in a state of rest they are so different.
Differences between both types Someone wonders if it is rare for a penis, at rest, to measure 7 cm and then, in an erected state, 15 cm, is something that happens frequently. The answer to this is not since it is totally normal that the size of the penis in erection has nothing to do with the size of this at rest.
A meat penis is one that is of great size at rest and that, when excited, the growth and increase in size is not so striking. Its cavernous walls, being less or more narrow, can not contain much blood and therefore its size does not increase significantly. However, in a blood penis what happens is that it measures little in the resting state and yet when being in erection, its size increases significantly.
When the penis is erect, its size increases markedly
In the same way that this happens, it can happen that a large penis at rest has numerous and wide blood deposits causing it to grow a lot or, on the contrary, a small penis grows little due to the narrowness of said deposits or caverns. All possibilities and alternatives exist. Each person is a world and this is extrapolated also to his sexual organ.
Size does not matter Even if a man belongs to one group or another, there is no reason for him to feel complex of his sexual member. For many years it has been given an exaggerated importance to the size of the male organ and is something that still happens today. Similarly, the large size of the penis, although this in a state of erection, does not guarantee a sexual satisfaction at the time of having sex.
A man with a blood penis can exhibit his sexual potential
Knowing the data explained above, a man with a blood penis can be proud of being able to exhibit his sexual "potency" when it comes to being excited. This can provide a safety bonus that, in the performance of relationships, can make both him and his partner enjoy a most pleasant experience.
It is important to keep in mind that the size of the penis in the state of erection is not decisive when it comes to providing satisfaction and pleasure in sex. Despite what most men think, the thoughts of a person who sees the penis in a state of rest will have nothing to do with those who have once consummated the sexual relationship.
It is evident that the question of which penis is better is totally meaningless since, in the state of erection, both are in a complete equality of conditions. The rigidity will continue there but what is really important, which is the sexual performance and knowing what the other person likes with which one is intimate, will be something to which we really have to pay attention and take the importance it deserves.

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